INT620 - Applied E-Commerce



Students will be introduced to the skills necessary to design, configure and maintain a secure web-based transaction-based site on the Internet. They will learn to design, document, and implement a database driven dynamic e-business solution using simple templating mechanisms in Perl like HTML::Template, and graduate on to more capable templating system such as Perl's HTML::Mason or Perl's Templating Toolkit, in a LAMP/XAMP environment. We will cover a variety of conceptual issues ranging from project management, business models, and design, through customer service, demographics, and electronic payment systems; this course will be, however, primarily project-driven, and students are expected to observe, comply with and be driven by the life-cycle of a typical business project from proposal to prototype. The development platform and tools are the same for all students, and students are required to implement their project according to specifications determined by the instructor.

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