I Might Be Wrong: Falsity and the Fallible Mind


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LSO750 - I Might Be Wrong: Falsity and the Fallible Mind


One lower-level liberal studies or Degree level English (such as ENG106) or Critical Thinking course.

Why is it easier to believe falsehoods when they're voiced by celebrities and powerful authority figures? How can we avoid falling for unsupported and often dangerous medical advice? Why is it so hard to acknowledge weaknesses in our own social and political perspectives while effortlessly finding faults in the views of others?
As humans, much of our thinking is fast, intuitive, and relatively effortless-we take mental shortcuts by necessity, and this often results in predictable mistakes. Cognitive errors shape who we vote for, what we fear, and our responses to emergency situations. To better cope with and thrive in our increasingly complex social environment-a world of virtually unlimited information and connectivity-we need to understand the limitations of our miraculous yet fallible minds. By developing greater awareness of pervasive heuristics and biases, this course aims to lay the foundation for identifying, avoiding, and responding to some of the errors to which we regularly fall prey.

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