UX Writing Fundamentals


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UXX100 - UX Writing Fundamentals

User Experience (UX) Writers help enhance and improve digital product experiences through words. They develop clear, concise and useful copy that supports and shapes the user experience and helps users achieve their goals.
In this course you'll learn the fundamentals of writing for user experiences. You'll learn how to identify where UX writing is applied in product design and gain an understanding of user experience design processes and practices. You'll learn how to communicate with users through the application of user research and brand insights in the design of effective voice and tone. You'll discover best practices for writing for digital products and will learn how to craft an engaging experience through words. You'll design microcopy (the words or phrases within an interface that helps users complete their goals) for the different elements of a product experience including: actions, messages, instructions, explanations, inputs and states.

UX Writing Fundamentals
Week 1 UX Writing in Product Design
Week 2 UX Design and Usability
Week 3 Understanding the Business
Week 4 Understanding the User
Week 5 Voice and Tone
Week 6 UX Writing Best Practices
Week 7 Microcopy: Actions
Week 8 Microcopy: Messages and States
Week 9 Microcopy: Instructions, Explanations and Descriptions
Week 10 Microcopy: Titles, Labels and Forms

For more detailed information, please contact Kiley Bolton (Kiley.Bolton@senecacollege.ca)

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