Designed in close cooperation with the floral industry, this program teaches the art and skill of retail floristry and prepares graduates for a successful career in this field. Students are introduced to aspects of design from the basic to the advanced levels, colour theory, botany and plant care, art history and sketching as well as floral sales and management. Theory and practice are integrated in the floral lab. Special seminars and field-trips are included.

This unique, one-course certificate represents the College's response to the changing needs of students. The program is demanding, challenging and rewarding. During the fall, winter and spring semesters it is delivered in a 36 week consecutive 6 hour Saturday only (8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.) format. Students integrate theory and practice in the professional floral teaching lab. While the program consists of one course, students benefit by being taught by three different teachers who bring years of professional expertise, experience and who are widely recognized in the floral industry.

Information Session

Students are invited to attend an information session.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are in high demand in floral sales and all aspects of design. Employment opportunities are available in the retail and wholesale environments and include sales associate, junior floral designer, window display and visual presentation.

Entry Requirements

New students may begin the program in the Fall term only. It is recommended that students attend the information session to gain a full understanding of the program prior to registering. In order to achieve success in PFD101, students must be able to speak, read and write English. It is highly recommended that students take the English Assessment, and take the required English courses to develop their language skills.

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Professional Floral Design

This course teaches the art and skill of retail floristry and provides the knowledge and professionalism necessary for a successful career as a retail florist. Included are lessons in all aspects of design from the basic to advanced levels, elements and principles of design, colour theory, botany and plant care, sketching as well as floral sales and management. Students integrate theory and practice in the floral lab to develop their skills in floral arranging. Special seminars and field trips are included.

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Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the Program, successful learners will be able to:

  1. Create the basic design styles which are: radiating, triangular, asymmetrical, round, vertical, horizontal, crescent and the Hogarth.
  2. Complete, single and multi-flower corsages, headpieces and simple bouquets suitable for weddings.
  3. Design and create simple, saleable hand-tied bouquets.
  4. Employ packaging techniques necessary for presentation.
  5. Execute challenging parallel, vegetative and linear European influenced floral designs.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to create suitable floral arrangements for different occasions in keeping with client requests and within clients' cost constraints.
  7. Draw basic floral forms and designs.
  8. Sketch bridal and attendant fashions for the purpose of properly covering a wedding order.
  9. Sketch interiors and window displays as well as render sketches for commercial decorations.
  10. Determine a variety of client needs, their buying personalities and their motivation for buying.
  11. Demonstrate the many skills necessary to make a professional sales presentation, in person or by telephone.
  12. Use the benefits and features sales technique.
  13. Competently use a colour wheel to create harmonious colour schemes for floral decor and demonstrate sensitivity to how the colour affects us.
  14. Process a wide range of domestic and imported flower products by using approved post harvest care methods.
  15. Describe current pricing methods and costing systems.
  16. Demonstrate a general understanding and knowledge of the traditions, etiquette and procedures involved in the development of sympathy and memorial designs.
  17. Plan and develop seasonal and specialty themed display windows and in-store merchandising techniques.
  18. Exhibit a working knowledge of holiday, wedding and party preparation, personal flowers, decorations and delivery including etiquette, costing, planning and consultation methods.
  19. Identify a selection of popular house plants by common name, botanical name and family.
  20. Identify types of plants suitable for a particular environment.
  21. Create mixed dish gardens and tropical planters.
  22. Identify the proper care and handling for flowering plants and foliage plants.


Students are required to purchase tools which will be used throughout their training and professional career. A list of the tools required will be handed out during the orientation evening. Students will need a camera for the first class and the rest of the school year.


When you meet all program requirements and become eligible for a certificate, diploma, or degree, you must inform the Registrar by completing a Graduation Application form and paying the graduation and alumni fee. Certificates, diplomas, and applied degrees are issued twice a year in the Fall (October) and Spring (June).

For further information including deadlines and fees, please visit the  Convocation website or contact the Convocation Office at 416-491-5050 ext. 77461.

Minimum Performance for Graduation

A student will be eligible to graduate from a certificate, diploma, advanced diploma or graduate certificate program if they have achieved a minimum graduating GPA of 2.0.

A student will be eligible to graduate from a degree program if they have achieved a minimum graduating GPA of 2.5, which includes a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the courses in their main field of study and a minimum GPA of 2.0 in breadth courses.

Program Contacts

Annie Kirkham
Program Assistant
416-491-5050 ext.22536

Barbara Pimenoff
Program Coordinator
416-491-5050 ext.24019

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Information Session

Students are invited to attend an information session.