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Grading Policy

Area Responsible for Administration: Academic
Approval Authorities: Academic College Council
Senior Executive Committee
Approval Date: June 2018
Revision History: New
Review Timeline: Every 5 Years


To define the standards for assigning grades to recognize student achievement in a course and program.


This policy applies to all Seneca courses.

Key Definitions

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Values calculated by dividing the total points earned by the total units of credits attempted. Points are calculated by multiplying the value earned by the units assigned. Refer to the GPA Calculations page for the breakdown of values assigned to letter grades.

Term GPA

The GPA for all graded courses within a single term.

Cumulative GPA

The GPA for all graded courses regardless of the term.

Program GPA

The GPA of all successfully completed graded courses required for a specific program.

Graduating GPA

The GPA of all graded courses used toward the credential requirement upon graduation.


1. Grade Designations

1.1 The following letter grade designations will be used to recognize a student’s achievement in a course:

Letter Grade Grade Point Value Percentage Grade
A+ 4.0 90% to 100%
A 4.0 80% to 89%
B+ 3.5 75% to 79%
B 3.0 70% to 74%
C+ 2.5 65% to 69%
C 2.0 60% to 64%
D+ 1.5 55% to 59%
D 1.0 50% to 54%
F 0.0 0% to 49%
DNA (Registered, did not attend, did not officially withdraw) 0.0 N/A

1.2 The following designations will also be used to recognize a student’s achievement in a course, which will be noted on a transcript and will not affect GPA calculation

Letter Grade Description
ADV Advanced standing (As of May 2015, no longer in use)
AEG Aegrotat standing (refer to section 1.4 of this policy)
ATT Attendance satisfactory
CTC Conditional transfer credit
DNC Did not complete
EXM Exemption
EXC Excellent
SAT Satisfactory
TC Transfer credit
UN Unsatisfactory
WD Officially withdrew from the course before the established deadline without penalty
*** Officially withdrew

1.3 The following designations will be used temporarily to indicate a student’s standing in a course:

Designation Description
DEF Deferred examination privilege granted (refer to section 1.6 of this policy)
INC Incomplete (refer to section 1.7 of this policy)
IP In progress
SUP Supplemental privilege granted (refer to section 1.5 of this policy)

1.4 Aegrotat standing (AEG)

A student who does not officially withdraw from a course but cannot complete the course due to illness, or an equally compelling reason, may be assigned aegrotat standing.

1.5 Supplemental privilege (SUP)

1.5.1 A student who has failed to meet the minimum requirements for a course may be granted supplemental privilege, which entitles the student, on payment of a fee, to write an examination in that course or to complete other prescribed work as directed by the program area.

1.5.2 A student granted supplemental privilege will only be assigned a grade for their supplemental work up to the minimum grade required for promotion in, and graduation from, their program.

1.5.3 A student may be granted supplemental privilege in a maximum of two courses in a term.

1.6 Deferred examination privilege (DEF)

1.6.1 The respective chair, or designate, may grant a student deferred examination privilege for circumstances arising on compassionate grounds (e.g., death in a family, illness or other circumstances beyond the student's control).

1.6.2 Supporting documentation of the extenuating circumstances must be submitted by the student to the respective chair, or designate.

1.6.3 A student granted deferred examination privilege will have their grade determined in the same manner as if they had written the final examination.

1.7 Incomplete (INC)

1.7.1 A student assigned an incomplete grade will receive formal notification indicating the work to be completed and the date of submission to meet the course requirements.

1.7.2 Should the required work not be completed by the designated date, the student will be assigned a grade of “F.”

2. Grade Point Average (GPA)

2.1 Students will be provided with a term GPA, cumulative GPA and program GPA.

2.2 For information on how to calculate GPA, refer to the Office of the Registrar website.

3. President’s Honour List

The President's Honour List recognizes outstanding achievement.

  • Full-time students who have achieved a term GPA of 4.0
  • Students who have an accommodation approved by Counselling and Accessibility Services for the equivalent of a full-time course load are eligible for this standing
  • Students in the Faculty of Continuing Education and Training (FCET) who have achieved a term GPA of 4.0, with a minimum of four courses over three consecutive terms.

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