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Principles and Goals

5. Advancing partnerships, applied research and outreach opportunities

Partnerships are core to Seneca’s vibrancy as an institution. They provide students, staff and faculty with the opportunities to work with industry and institutions locally, nationally and internationally, and to develop strong networks. Partnerships with professional associations and industry are deepening, opening a variety of opportunities for students including recognition of credit for certification; guest speakers; donations; cooperative education and graduate placements. These interactions will support students as they build their professional networks.

The diverse and international nature of the Seneca community is a huge asset that can and should be leveraged to the benefit of our students and their learning experiences. Our students require a global perspective and fluencies that cut across cultures, languages and borders which will be achieved through global partnerships and outreach strategies.

Seneca’s research program is one that first and foremost is connected to our students, programs and curriculum. It provides opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate across program disciplines and with external partners, ensuring program relevancy and exposing students to the research process, including design, strategies of inquiry and research methods. In doing so, our applied research program is a strong support to the achievement of the Seneca Core Literacies.

Seneca’s applied research program is also innovative and responds to industry. It creates and facilitates relevant, high-impact applied research projects and promotes partnerships, collaborations, intellectual discourse, debates, and exchanges that address the real-world innovation challenges facing our communities, industries, partners and economy. In doing so, our applied research program contributes to economic and social prosperity in addition to enriching the learning experience of Seneca students.

Through applied research projects and action research in the classroom, our research program is integral to ensuring the quality, relevance and rigour of our programs. It encourages, supports and recognizes teaching excellence. It contributes to the knowledge, skills and distinguishing attributes of our students.

Goals related to this principle:

At the end of five years:

  1. All Seneca programs will include opportunities for students to be involved in a variety of activities that demonstrate partnership, such as applied research projects and industry-related projects, showcases of student work, action research, service learning, volunteering and/or joint class projects with an international partner.
  2. All programs will have mapped and evaluated partnership, applied research partnerships and activities and outreach activities.
  3. Seneca will have expanded its international outreach to develop study, work and volunteer abroad opportunities as well as faculty and student exchanges.