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Fall 2018 Convocation – Schedule of Ceremonies

All ceremonies will take place at Newnham Campus in the Gymnasium. Please enter the campus via the SeneCentre entrance, marked with E.F above the door.

Ceremony 1 – Saturday, October 27

10 a.m.

Faculty of Business

  • School of Leadership & Human Resources – BHR/C, HRM/C, HST, NPM, SMB
  • School of Legal & Public Administration – CTA/T, LCK/A, LIT/A, MAP/A, PAD/C, PLE/A, RPA/A
  • School of Office Administration – EXS, MES, LES

Faculty of Continuing Education & Training

  • All part-time programs

Ceremony 2 – Saturday, October 27

2 p.m.

Faculty of Business

  • School of Accounting and Financial Services – ACC, ACF/C, ACT, AFP/C, APP/C, BAF/C, BIN, FEA, FCA, FEA, FIP, FSA, FSM, FSP, IAF, PRA
  • School of English & Liberal Studies – GEA
  • School of Marketing – BAM/C, BMK/C, BMT, CAB/Y, EVM/C, MKM/C, SAA/C, SMA/C, SMD
  • School of Hospitality and Tourism – FLS, FSO, GBD, GOM/C, GSL, GTB, HFC, HTM/C, TFS, TIS, TLC, TLM, TTO
  • School of International Business and Management – BAB, BAG, BAO, BAS, BBM, BBS, BMI, BUI, IBS, PBS, SCM, TCS

Ceremony 3 – Sunday, October 28

10 a.m.

Faculty of Communication, Art & Design

  • School of Arts and Science – ASU, CAP, GAP, INS, LAT, LATT, LATY
  • School of Creative Arts and Animation – ACV, AFD, ANI/D/G, DAN, DMA, DNM, GAA, GRA, IDP, ILU, IMP, INM, IPS, VFT
  • School of Fashion – CTM/A, EAS, EST, EVT, FAA, FBM, FAB, FDN, FST, VMA
  • School of Media – EMP, GRM/C, IRM/C, JRN/Y, PRC/C, MFD, RTVR/T, RTYR/T, TECC

Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Technology

  • School of Electronics & Mechanical Engineering Technology – AED, AST, BES/I, BTS/C, ECT/C, EEN, EET/C, ELM/C, ELN/C, EMB, MATD/P/T, MBT/C, MIT, UWS
  • School of Environmental & Civil Engineering Technology – CVB, CVL/C, CVM, CVB, CVTB/M, EMT/C, ESM, ETM, PME
  • School of Fire Protection Engineering Technology – FFP, FPN, FPT/C
  • School of Aviation – AFP, ASE/C, AVO/C, FPR
  • School of Biological Sciences & Applied Chemistry – AST, BIF/C, BTR/C, CHY/C, CLP/C, CLT, RAQC
  • School of Information and Communications Technology – BSD, CNS, CPA/C, CPD, CTY/C, DAD/C, ELN, IFS, PMC/C

Ceremony 4 – Sunday, October 28

2 p.m.

Faculty of Applied Arts And Health Sciences

  • School of Community Services – CYC, MHI, SSW, SSWI, SSWA, SSWG, SSIA
  • School of Health Sciences – COR, NLM, OPTC, PND, PHS, PSWC, VTA, VTE
  • School of Early Childhood Education – BCD, ECE, ECEE, ECED, ECEF, ECYA, IMH
  • School of Recreation and Environmental Studies – DTR, EVLC, FHP, RLSC
  • School of Public Safety – AIE, BHS, ESC, LAW