Preschool Field Placement


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EFP102 - Preschool Field Placement

Field placement gives students the opportunity to practice what they have learned in the ECYA program. Students will plan, implement and evaluate play-based, inclusive, emergent curriculum experiences for preschool children. The early childhood educator's role as facilitator will be studied and practiced. Inclusive child guidance techniques will be utilized that support, nurture and respect children's individuality. Based on observation of children, students will develop skills in planning, implementing and evaluating programming that meets the needs of individuals and small groups of children and which are safe, diverse and developmentally appropriate. In addition, time is spent reflecting and examining issues related to the field placement experience.
Note: If at any time a student jeopardizes the physical and/or emotional well-being, health or safety of a child through actions or behaviours and the supervising professor determines that the student is not capable of the required level of independent functioning, the student may be withdrawn from placement and may fail the course. The student may also be asked to leave the program. Students may also be withdrawn from placement and fail ECY102 and EFP102 courses for inappropriate and unprofessional conduct.
Field Placement Requirements: Students must have copies of their medical, standard first aid - CPR Level C and Vulnerable Sector Screen in order to begin placement. Failure to provide these documents will delay the placement start date and missed days/hours will need to be made up.
Please note that field placement is 16 hours per week throughout the term.

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