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Campaign for Students

The Campaign for Students is Seneca's employee giving program. As one of our largest group of donors, Seneca employees help to fund financial aid opportunities, improve Seneca’s learning environment and strengthen the student experience.

Whether our employees choose to make a personal donation, send an e-card, become a Payroll Champion, support an event or fund their own named award, they are making a meaningful difference in the lives of our students. 


Student education is at risk

COVID-19 continues to dramatically impact our students and the numbers tell a dire story.

79 per cent of students are experiencing financial hardship

59 per cent of students can no longer afford one or more household expense (rent, groceries, utilities)

3 out of 4 students has their employment affected

1 in 4 students have experienced food insecurity

32 per cent of students care for dependents

Nine out of 10 students are feeling anxiety and uncertainty about their future plans

10,000 students responded to this survey

We Love Our Students Month

A series of events and activities every February, giving employees the opportunity to support the Campaign for Students. 

Payroll Donation

Payroll giving is a cost-effective, convenient way to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our students. Become a Payroll Champion and be an Every-Pay Hero.



Support the Campaign for Students by hosting a fundraiser individually or with colleagues, join in on signature events or find an event to attend or support.

Awards, Scholarships & Bursaries

Creating an award, bursary or scholarship is another meaningful way for you, as an employee, to support education. It allows you to directly help a student, give back to Seneca, pay tribute to a friend or family member and invest in future talent.

Tribute giving

Tribute Giving

Make a tribute gift to commemorate life’s important moments while helping Seneca students stay in school, complete their studies and change their lives.

Impact & Recognition

Seneca is proud to celebrate the incredible generosity of our employees, whose support ensures that our students excel both inside and outside of the classroom.


Donor Testimonial

“I tell my kids and family that investing in education is the best way to invest in society and supporting Campaign for Students is a way to improve education, not only for our students in financial need, but for the community as a whole.”

Emiliano Introcaso
Part-Time Academic Program Manager, Business Studies
Faculty of Continuing Education 

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