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Diversity Policy


Policy Statement

It is the policy of Seneca College to retain a leadership role within the educational community by continually building on our progress and expanding its efforts to reach out and include those who come from all segments of the population.

Seneca will reflect and promote our diverse society in order to effectively engage our students, faculty, and staff, and at the same time provide equal access to opportunities. It is only through such a commitment that the College can address major societal issues of the past, present and effectively influence the future of post-secondary education and the world of the twenty-first century.

Seneca will ensure a learning and working environment in which all members of the College are included, welcomed and respected. Our continuing commitment to diversity means recognizing and celebrating varying experiences, beliefs and customs to immerse them into the academic curriculum, student life and employment practices of our institution.

Seneca will recruit and retain a diverse student body, faculty, administrative and support staff that is reflective of society and will ensure that diversity is respected and enmeshed into the policies, systems and structures of the College. In this regard, we will provide challenging educational, personal experiences and intellectual stimulation that provide growth and academic excellence that can only come from engaging and learning to respect a broad range of people with differing characteristics, backgrounds, life experiences, beliefs and ideas.

June 2007

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