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Outstanding Obligations Policy

Area Responsible for Administration: Campus Services
Approval Authorities: Executive Director, Campus Services
Registrar, Office of the Registrar
Senior Executive Committee
Approval Date: June 2017
Revision History: None
Review Timeline: As required


To outline the process for collecting outstanding student financial obligations.


This policy applies to all Seneca students.

Key Definitions

Administrative encumbrance

An electronic notice preventing registration in additional courses or programs.

Official transcript

An official record of academic achievement provided by the Registration Office.

Proof of credentials

Any official statement by Seneca that a student has graduated from a program.


Where a student fails to make full payment of any debt to Seneca by its due date, Seneca retains the right to impose the following sanctions:

  1. Withhold their official transcripts and/or proof of credentials and deny them the ability to view their grades online.
  2. Deny them further registration.
  3. Apply an administrative encumbrance to their student file.
  4. Apply a financial penalty, such as a late fee, to their student account.

A student may have sanction a, b and/or c removed by providing proof to Campus Services or the Office of the Registrar of having cleared all outstanding obligations to Seneca.

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