Student Testimonials


"The Seneca College's Supply Chain Management - Global Logistics (SCM) Program is designed for online-delivery, is well supported, and has excellent learning outcomes. It has excellent foundational courses which allow the learner to grow with the material as it progresses, each topic is based upon previous work, building an understanding of the extent of SCM. There is a good balance of individual and group work, and the course platforms are full of forum and discussion tools. The instructors in the SCM part-time program are chosen due to their qualifications and experience. Part-time instructors may also work during the day at other vocations, including companies such as import companies, brokerage firms, and government-funded business advisor companies, such as Export Development Canada. This often brings the exact knowledge and experience students are looking to learn in the classroom to the student's work. In my experience, Seneca College has competitive tuition pricing when compared to all Ontario public and especially private colleges, with instructors and administration staff that put the student as a priority. Administration staff in the Part-time faculty are excellent, welcoming, and knowledgeable. They can help with almost any issue that arises.
I chose Seneca Part-time because it has the best balance of learning, program delivery, qualified and experienced instructors, tuition pricing, administration focused on student success, the right partnerships, credentials to get me into professional programs, and a Canada-wide reputation with employers.
This course can be taken as a full-time approach or even part-time; this is a great place to start!"
- Gordon Stevens, Student in CTM107


"I would like to take the opportunity to thank Seneca College for the Cyber security online courses. They are helpful and the content is excellent. This is my first time taking online courses, and I am so thankful for this step! It was an incredible learning experience which I am so grateful to be part of. Also, I would like to thank my instructor for the effort he has put in. For almost 3 months he takes the time to post every day about Cyber Security. He shares with us his great and real experience. Looking forward to taking more courses with Seneca College." - Wefa, Student in CSC200


"My experience with exercise physiology (FHP201) in the part-time online summer course was very convenient. I enjoyed how it was self-paced enough for you to do it on your own time but still had a "schedule" (by doing a module weekly, or you can get ahead, but don't fall behind). My instructor for this course was also very helpful and easy to reach which also helped me out a lot, as she also understood that this course can be difficult. Overall the course was great self-paced wise, my instructor was great and encouraging!" - Allison, Student in FHP201


"The Supply Chain Management program at Seneca provided me with a complete and encompassing foundation for the supply chain industry. The facilitators were knowledgeable and quick to answer in-depth questions about the course material. The real life experience of the facilitators was obvious and many went above and beyond to encourage and promote student success." - Esther, Student in CTM107


"To study in Cyber Security was a dream come true for me. I always wanted to do this program but there were some financial restrictions. I had a meeting with one of Seneca's representatives at a job fair, and she (Thanaa Sarif) convinced me to study at Seneca because Seneca will help an eager learner like me. So, she and Seneca kept their promise and helped me through bursaries and scholarships. Seneca understood me and made me believe that if you want to do something, you have an honest heart, and you are a hard worker you can achieve anything you want. I also want give a huge thank you to all the instructors and staff who made it possible for me to study and complete this certificate." - Tasneem, Student in CSC200