Corporate Training

Professional Communication - Courses & Workshops

LinkedIn: Advancing Your Career

One-day workshop

Achieve the professional digital presence you need to get the attention of those who matter in your industry. Learn how to differentiate yourself from the crowd and become a power networker on LinkedIn. If you’re not an active LinkedIn user, an overview of the platform and how to register will be provided.

Accent Reduction – Intermediate

14-week course or shorter workshop

This course is for students who have difficulty communicating clearly and effectively in spoken English. You will learn strategies for accent reduction through the identification of specific pronunciation problems. You will also come to understand correct pronunciation of English vowel and consonant sounds, word stress and spelling patterns through the use of an English dictionary.


Accent Reduction – Advanced

14-week course or shorter workshop

This advanced Accent Reduction course is designed for students who are near fluent in English but wish to acquire a more standardized North American speech pattern. The curriculum will emphasize the development of sound production, rhythm, stress and intonation patterns in "real life" communicative contexts.


Grammar for Writing

14-week course or shorter workshop

In this course, you will develop proficient editing skills enabling you to identify grammatical weaknesses in your own writing. Through a focus on error analysis and guided practice, you will learn to become an independent self-editor and be able to apply the strategies acquired beyond the duration of this course.


Writing Grammatically

14-week course or shorter workshop

Learn the rules of English grammar in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow manner. The course begins with a review of sentence parts, followed by an in-depth explanation of sentence structure, and culminates in a practical review of stylistic conventions in business and professional writing.


Business Writing Strategies

14-week course or shorter workshop

To get your messages across with clarity and impact, you will learn how to best plan communications, structure and present texts and make ideas flow. The course will also cover how to compose business correspondence including emails, memoranda, letters and reports, with a focus on routine and persuasive messages. A review of grammar is also included.


Technical Writing Strategies

14-week course or shorter workshop

This course teaches important skills for communicating technical information both orally and in writing. The curriculum will distinguish between academic and technical writing. You will be guided  through enhancing your written technical communications, planning and structuring technical oral presentations and practising your techniques.


Business Verbal Communication

14-week course or shorter workshop

Improve your business communication skills. This course focuses on enhancing your presentation skills; one-on-one verbal communication; and your ability to instruct, inform, motivate and sell ideas in the office or around the boardroom table.


Improv for Business Professionals


Improv is a non-traditional method for refining your interpersonal skills through effective communication, thinking on your feet and working with a team. This course encourages risk-taking and creative problem-solving. You will learn how to handle stressful situations, overcome shyness, handle awkward moments and communicate more powerfully.


Presenting Complex Material


Sharpen your communication skills. This course provides a general overview of important problem-solving techniques, with a focus on helping you to communicate complex materials clearly and simply. By developing better logic in business writing and thinking, you will be equipped to become a successful manager in a competitive business environment.