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Brandon Gonez takes YouTube by storm
Jan. 21, 2021

A “dutty storm” swept across social media this week as Brandon Gonez, the fast-rising television personality, launched The Brandon Gonez Show on YouTube.

The Seneca graduate of the Summer Institute of Multiplatform Journalism certificate program has become synonymous with #duttystorm since he called a winter storm “dutty” on CP24 a couple of years ago. “Dutty” is Jamaican Patois for “dirty.”                                                

“I’ll never forget that day,” said Mr. Gonez, a Brampton-raised Jamaican-Canadian who started at CP24 in 2019. “I was on weather duty and we had a big storm coming. It was live TV and it just came out like that. That’s how those viral moments started — just me being authentic.”

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