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‘We’ve got to be that stable force for them’
April 2, 2020

A Seneca graduate at the helm of one of Canada’s largest food banks has been “burning both ends of the candle” to help keep people from going hungry amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Neil Hetherington, CEO of Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto, has had a few emergency meetings with his staff since early March as health officials suggested people prepare for an outbreak by setting aside a week’s worth of food and medicine.

“It’s dramatic and daunting what’s going on out there,” said Mr. Hetherington, a graduate of Seneca’s Building Construction Regulations Administration program and winner of the 2018 Premier’s Awards for Business. “While I’ve dealt with other stressful situations before, this is a different level of stress. If our operation ceases, tens of thousands of people don’t eat in Toronto. These are the people who are the most vulnerable sector and we’ve got to be that stable force for them.”

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