Why did you choose Seneca?

I chose Seneca because of its reputation; I heard great things about the program including great support from professors and practicum instructors. I actually originally started my journey in a Practical Nursing program at another school, but I found that it did not have the support to meet my needs whereas Seneca did.

How would you describe your experience at Seneca?

I had a great experience at Seneca. I still keep in touch with instructors and classmates. I felt confident with my skill sets during and after my practicum placements. In fact, this confidence contributed to me getting hired at the location where I completed my consolidation; they recognized my skills and dedication while in consolidation.  

What influenced your decision to continue your education after completing your diploma?

I wanted to continue my education because it opens up more career doors for later in life. With more education I will be able to work abroad, pursue the Registered Nurse – Extended Class registration, and perhaps teach one day at Seneca. Additionally, increasing my knowledge in the profession is important for self-confidence and better care for my patients. Finally, attaining a university degree and a PhD has always been a goal of mine.

What words of advice do you have for students in Practical Nursing at Seneca that are hoping to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing?

Time management is extremely important. If you are falling behind in your subjects, talk to an instructor, co-ordinator, or academic adviser.

Additionally, when you are considering a BScN program, it is important that you do your research for which school is best for you; speak to students already attending the school you are considering. UOIT has a wonderful program where they are proactive because 3 weeks before attending school, a BScN student will call you to answer questions.

Lastly, bridging programs are extremely competitive and only the top students are accepted into programs each year. So, you should work towards a high GPA because that will help with your pathway options and where you are accepted.

Would you recommend your pathway to UOIT’s BScN to other Practical Nursing Seneca students? Why or why not?

I would 100% recommend it! UOIT accepts more Practical Nursing credits than other schools. UOIT also has smaller classes than other schools with class sizes between 60 and 100 students which makes learning and one-on-one attention from professors more manageable.

What are you up to now?

I am currently working my dream job as a Registered Practical Nurse at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in the Canadian Veteran Care unit while I study at UOIT.

After completing my BScN at UOIT, I intend on moving into a Master’s in Nursing Informatics program, receiving my Registered Nurse – Extended Class designation, and then completing a PhD.