Ivan Liang

Roshane Farquharson

Seneca Program

Degree Program and Institution

Why did you choose to study at Seneca?

I chose to study at Seneca because it was a very reputable school.

How would you describe your experience at Seneca?

My experience at Seneca was very revolutionizing, not just in my education, but in myself.

What influenced your decision to continue your education after completing your diploma?

I did not want to limit my potential to do great things in the social work field.

How did your Seneca program prepare you for your degree program?

Seneca mentally prepared me for handling the challenges of university.

What are you up to now?

I’m currently pursing my degree in the Bachelor of Social Work program at Carleton University.

How are you enjoying your experience at our partner institution?

I’m currently enjoying my time at Carleton University. Carleton is filled with like-minded people in my program, as each of us have our own individual goals that allow us to learn new skills and share knowledge with one another. The professors help reinforce this experience through their willingness to see students succeed in the most innovative and engaging way possible.

From experience, what do you think the value of having both a diploma and a degree is?

You are seen more as having practical and theoretical knowledge and experience when you seek employment.

Any words of advice to students who are currently in the program you graduated out of at Seneca, and are considering transferring to a degree program?

Be confident in your ability to do well, communicate with your professors and remind yourself why you started.

What knowledge do you know now that you wish you knew before completing a degree transfer?

I wish I knew that Bachelor of Social Work students must re-apply for their third and fourth years while they are in their second year at Carleton University.

What are your plans for the future — short term and long term?

In the future, I want to counsel people who are in need of help and guidance. With this being said, I also want to empower the Black community in hopes to achieve social justice through a collective and progressive approach. Another plan for the future is my desire to help rehabilitate and re-integrate individuals who were in the justice system back into society.