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Mature Applicants

Mature applicants applying to certificate, diploma and advanced diploma programs must be 19 years old by the first day of scheduled classes. Mature applicants must meet program-specific prerequisite courses and additional admission requirements. Mature applicants can meet English or math prerequisites by successfully completing English and math pre-admission testing. See the information below regarding the Pre-admission Testing for mature Applicants.

Mature applicants applying to degree programs must be 21 years old by the first day of scheduled classes and have been away from high school for at least two years. Mature applicants must meet all program-specific prerequisite courses. Pre-admission testing is not permitted to meet degree program prerequisites.


Pre-Admission Testing

Mature applicants applying to a certificate, diploma or advanced diploma program, who have not provided transcripts will be invited to write the mature applicant test(s) to meet English and/or mathematics requirements for their programs. Please note:

  • Testing is not permitted for chemistry, physics, biology or exercise science program prerequisites 
  • Testing is not permitted for degree program prerequisites 
  • Testing is not permitted for Veterinary Technician (VTE) or Practical Nursing (PND) academic prerequisites

If the pre-admission testing is recommended, Seneca will contact applicants with the details of when and where to attend the test(s), by mail and email. Seneca can help arrange distance testing for applicants who live more than 100 km from the Greater Toronto commuting area. 

For some highly competitive programs, the English and mathematics grades or test scores can determine the ranking of applicants. It is in the best interest of the applicant to complete these requirements as soon as possible.

Practice Tests