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Mark O'Connell

Dr. Mark Joseph O'Connell

Fashion Studies

Dr. Mark Joseph O’Connell is a professor of Fashion Studies with Seneca’s School of Fashion. Dr. O’Connell holds a PhD in communication and culture from Ryerson University and York University and completed his dissertation entitled "Mors Naviculam: The Globalization of Canadian Fashion through Trade, Policy and Regulation." He also earned his MA in fashion from Ryerson University, where he completed a major research project entitled “Moral Fibre: Integrating Ethics and Sustainability into Fashion Curriculum (2016),” and his BA from OCADU in material art and design. Prior to teaching, Dr. O’Connell worked as a designer both in-house at MAC Cosmetics and for his own clothing line, Modular Menswear. 

His chapter “Clandestina: an Ethnographic Study of Economic Policy and Colonial Hegemonies Encoded in the Consumption of Used Garments in Cuba” will be published in the forthcoming Ethical Fashion and Empowerment from McGill University Press. His recent publications include "Lux Perpetua: Future Pioneers Utilizing Historical Precedent as Design Innovation Within Fashion" in Textile Cloth & Culture, "Sine Qua Non: An Exploration of a 'Catholic Imagination' at the Met" in Ryerson’s Fashion Studies Journal, and "Two Way Street: Transnational Fashion Education as a Model for Equity and Sustainability" in the Conference Proceedings for the Fourth International Conference on Asian Studies.