International Experience Grant

The International Mobility Office is pleased to support students interested in pursuing a global opportunity as a part of their studies through the International Experience Grant. The International Experience Grant provides financial support to eligible students.

To be eligible, you must:

  • receive academic recognition in fulfilment of course or program requirements through participation on a global opportunity
  • be travelling outside of Canada and the United States for your global opportunity
  • not be returning to your home country for your global opportunity
  • have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 with clear academic standing
  • have no outstanding fees on your student account


  • Preference for funding is for students returning to full-time studies at Seneca following their global opportunity.
  • Students are only eligible for an International Experience Grant once per academic year.
  • Students can receive a maximum of $2000 in International Experience Grant money throughout their time at Seneca.


Grant Amount

The amount of funding that you are eligible to receive through the International Experience Grant depends on the type and duration of the global opportunity.

Grant amount by type of global opportunity
Type of Global Opportunity Grant Total Amount (CAD)
Semester Exchange Up to $2,000

Summer Academic Program

Up to $1,000
Faculty-led Program Abroad Up to $1,500
Unpaid International Work Experience Up to $1,000

How to Apply

Applying for the International Experience Grant happens automatically when you apply to participate on a global opportunity. More information on How to Apply is found here.

#SenecaAbroad Blog

If you receive funding, you are required to submit a #SenecaAbroad blog no later than 3 weeks upon your return.