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iSecurity understands key to addressing cyber threats
Toronto-based cybersecurity consultancy establishes two financial aid awards for Honours Bachelor of Technology - Informatics and Security degree students


Local cybersecurity advisors and consultants, iSecurity, have established two awards in support of Seneca students.

Launched in 2007, iSecurity provides consulting, advisory and manage security services with a unique focus on organizational cybersecurity, threat management, cloud security and risk management. The recipients of the iSecurity Awards will be enrolled full-time in Seneca’s Honours Bachelor of Technology - Informatics and Security degree program and will have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or above and will demonstrate financial need.

iSecurity will also partner with Seneca’s School of Information and Communications Technology to create work-integrated learning opportunities for students through co-op placements and internships. The company’s goal is to help Seneca students succeed so that they can cultivate top talent in support of their expanded hiring needs.

“By providing hands-on and applied learning opportunities to Seneca students at our offices, we can gain insights and solutions to evolving cyber threat landscape that we may not have thought of,” says Raheel Qureshi, Partner Cybersecurity & Risk Management, iSecurity. “Colleges like Seneca produce a lot of our IT and security talent – they are hands-on and articulate in problem solving; something we greatly value.”

Increasingly, businesses and governments in Canada and abroad are relying on digital technology and with that has come increased risk of cyber threats which are both more frequent and severe. These threats, initiated by malicious actors with diverse and sometimes illegal interests, often have the potential to undermine the resiliency of critical networks and infrastructure as well as bring significant harm to consumer privacy, national security, and economic prosperity.

Cyber security companies like iSecurity are addressing these threats while also driving innovation and economic activity across the country. The Government of Canada recently reported that the cybersecurity industry contributes $1.7 billion to Canada’s GDP and consists of over 11,000 jobs.

According to the Government’s report, the global cybersecurity industry is forecasted to grow by 66 per cent by 2021, meaning thousands of additional jobs could be created for Canadians in the years ahead.

“Awards like those created by iSecurity help to ensure our students are ready to tackle the cybersecurity threats and opportunities ahead of us,” says Mary-Lynn Manton, Chair, Seneca’s School of Information and Communications Technology. “When financial barriers are eliminated and our students can complete their studies, they can move on to become the industry leaders responsible for protecting data from falling into the wrong hands. iSecurity recognizes that an investment in Seneca is an investment in the cybersecurity of their clients.”

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