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May 14, 2019

Seneca has the largest postsecondary opticianry program in Canada, with 120 students registered annually, ranging from high school and university graduates to mid-career professionals and newcomers to Canada. The program is highly regarded by industry. As the need for skilled opticians continues to grow in our community and across the country, Seneca is committed to providing the highest quality education, emphasizing experiential learning and strong industry partnerships.

The industry is expanding and according to recent federal government labour market data, over the next decade, new job opportunities for opticians, stemming from expanding demand as well as retirements within the profession, are expected to grow by the thousands with an insufficient number of new graduates to fill those positions.

A rapidly aging population will significantly increase the demand for a range of health-care professionals, including opticians. Vision difficulties tend to become more prevalent with age, which, understandably, correlates to an increase in the demand for these vision-care technicians. Retirements of existing professionals are anticipated to account for almost 55 per cent of future job openings for opticians. Seneca’s Opticianry graduates will be well-positioned to fill these labour market gaps and deliver the eye-care solutions of the future.

As industry demand increases and technology rapidly changes, Seneca will continue to be the leader in opticianry education across Canada. In order to produce graduates ready to meet the growing demands and serve the vision-care needs of Canadians, now and in the future, Seneca has collaborated with industry to remain at the forefront of delivering innovative programming, practical research and expanding opportunities for our Opticianry students.

Seneca would like to thank the following partners for their most recent contributions:

ALCON, Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision, Johnson & Johnson Vision
Donation: Contact lenses
What this means for Seneca students: The contact lenses donation means that students can learn to fit contact lenses on real people, getting invaluable hands-on, applied learning experiences.

Cutler & Gross, Marchon
Donation: Frames
What this means for Seneca students: The frame donation means that Seneca’s Opticianry students can touch, feel and assess eyewear products that they would ultimately encounter once working in industry. As one Seneca Opticianry professor and grad points out, working with industry standard equipment and products can be a major difference-maker for those early in their careers.
Read more about Marchon’s donation.

Donation: VisioOffice2
What this means for Seneca students: This equipment donation provides students with hands-on, applied learning experience with cutting-edge digital dispensing technology.

Essilor, HOYA, Shamir
Donation: Lenses
What this means for Seneca students: This donation means that students will learn how to edge on high quality lenses. It will also allow them to diversify their portfolio and make them more effective when training on site.

Johnson & Johnson Vision
Donation: Financial aid awards
Through a gift of financial aid, Johnson & Johnson Vision is helping to support talented students facing financial barriers and reward those excelling in their studies with funds that offset tuition and other costs. For many students, financial barriers force them to leave Seneca early or accrue significant debt in order to pursue a postsecondary education.

  • Last year, two out of three full-time students required needs-based government grants to fund their studies
  • 25 per cent of those who leave Seneca before completing their program cite financial difficulties as a primary factor
  • 72 per cent of students expect to work up to 20 hours per week and almost one in 10 students expects to work more than 20 hours per week to make ends meet
  • More than one third of Seneca students care for dependents, be they children, spouses or elders

Donation: Class presentations and employment opportunities
What this means for Seneca students: Access to industry plus insights into the trends and hiring needs of the opticianry industry.

Optic Plastic Design
Donation: Display panel for frames
What this means for Seneca students: Real-life experience when working in the labs.

Many of our partners donate their time and resources to the Opticianry program. Not all of the donations to Seneca have been listed here.

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