School College Work Initiative (SCWI) provides a unique introduction to college life. If you are a senior-level high school student you can enrol in a Seneca course at one of our five campuses, earning a credit towards your high school diploma and a ‘dual credit’ earned towards an Ontario college credential. SCWI allows you to discover the world of post-secondary education prior to a full-time commitment. Your SCWI studies provide a foundation for the next stage of your academic journey.

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Kristyna Karenova
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As a Manager of the School College Work Initiative, Kristyna is an expert on the program. Reach out to her to learn more about this unique opportunity.





“When the opportunity presented itself to get to experience college while still earning a high school credit in a department I enjoyed, I leapt at the chance and have been grateful ever since. The Dual credit team welcomed us all with open arms and were available for help whenever needed. I credit the program for making me feel confident as first year full time student and for being on track with my career goals.”

Emily P.
Dual Credit Graduate
Fashion Studies