Season 3 

Mark Solomon

Episode 5: Mark Solomon

This episode features Mark Solomon, Dean of Students & Indigenous Education, who chairs Seneca’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Mr. Solomon joins host Pat Perdue in a conversation about making Seneca a more inclusive and equitable place to study and work, identifying blind spots and how the pandemic has impacted people differently based on privilege. Mr. Solomon also shares his media playlist of documentaries and films and podcasts.



Mark Solomon’s Media Playlist

On CBC.ca/gem

Across the Line tells the real-life story of a young, Black NHL hopeful living in the racially divided community of Cole Harbour in 1989.

Fade Forward is a short doc that tells the story of the first Black-owned barbershop in Newfoundland and Labrador that has become a hub for newcomers in St. John’s.

Being Black in Toronto features six short films.

The Skin We’re In builds upon the work of Toronto journalist and activist Desmond Cole.

On NFB.ca

I Am Gay is a film about conversations with family about love and relationships.

Handmade Mountain is a short film about gay marriage and divorce.

Far From Bashar is a film about the complexities of escaping war and the immigration experience.

Manufactured Landscapes is a film that explores the human impact on the world.

Podcasts by and about Indigenous creators

Missing & Murdered: Investigative journalist Connie Walker recounts stories of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

Metis in Space: Chelsea Vowel and Molly Swain, both Métis, drink a bottle of wine and review sci-fi movies and television shows from a critical Indigenous lens.

Thunder Bay: The highest homicide and hate crime rates in the country. A mayor charged with extortion. A police chief who faced trial for obstruction of justice. Nine tragic deaths of Indigenous high schoolers. Why did it all happen in the same town?