Wayne Chan

Seneca Program

Master’s Program and Institution

Why did you choose Seneca? Seneca Global Hospitality:

I made the decision to pursue further education in another discipline in October 2016 after many schools had already begun their 2-semesters program, at that moment I had yet to decide which direction to pursue in Hospitality. I researched my options further, however, I knew the sooner I began a program the better my financial position and future prospects became, and waiting for September 2017 was not feasible so Seneca’s program starting in the winter semester was perfect for me.

Coming from a Finance and Accounting background I admitted that I wasn’t knowledgeable enough in the variety of Hospitality career possibilities, therefore it was illogical to make an uninformed decision but knowing where my passion lies I continued my search.

I discovered that the Seneca Global Hospitality program offers two different study pathways in the second study semester, and having the flexibility to decide towards either Business Development, Operations Management, or both while studying in the first semester at the same time developing a better understanding of the career possibilities was a significant deciding factor.

The curriculum listed on the website also had influences on my decision, as the Integrated Project/Fieldwork puts you in real business situations, and optional work-integrated learning components intrigued me so I made an appointment with the Program Adviser in November and the rest was history.

How would you describe your experience at Seneca?

  • Engaging and Interactive
  • Experiential – Outside class excursions
  • Practical and Immersive – Real-life scenarios and examples
  • Cultural diversity – Students from abroad
  • Enhance – Skills and learning potential, applicable tools
  • Social – Industry professionals
  • Supportive and passionate faculty

What influenced your decision to continue your education after completing your Graduate Certificate?

The completion of Global Hospitality at Seneca College gave me the confidence and motivation to aim high. The opportunity to further empower me with a Master’s degree with a strong focus on hospitality at IMI in the heart of Switzerland was simply too irresistible. The beneficial mix of quality, time, and cost in this unique joint programme between Seneca and IMI offers an exceptional value proposition, and IMI’s campus by the Lake with the scenic Mountain landscape further reinforced my decision to enrol.

How did your Seneca program prepare you for your Master’s program?

To meet the rigorous demands of the Master’s program at IMI a vast array of competencies are necessary such as; speaking and presentations, time management, social team engagement, learning and reading, tools and techniques, innovation and creativity, hard work, passion and dedication, professionalism, stress management, research and resource gathering, and critical thinking.  Eight months of studies at Seneca pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am grateful for that as it has prepared me for IMI’s MBA programme.

From experience, what do you think the value of having both a Graduate Certificate and a Master’s degree is?

Graduate Certificate establishes a core understanding in Hospitality by providing ideas of the inner workings of Hospitality and equips future managers with both practical and theoretical processes so they can discover a wide range of career potential or in preparation for the MBA level of standards.

A Master’s degree continues with a more strategic business and leadership focus through debates and criticizing business theories and the implications.  This continuous use of mental processing encourages the development of one’s own depth of thoughts, leading to an entrepreneurial mindset that explores new opportunities and envisions a future of unlimited possibilities.

In one word: Priceless

Any words of advice to students who are currently in the program you graduated out of at Seneca? And considering pursuing a Master’s program?

Imagine every school assignment as a real project for your future GM, CEO, or the Board of Directors. In this perspective, you’ll organically find true meaning in the assignments.

What influenced your decision to pursue an illustration diploma at Seneca?

  • Academic writing, MMU Harvard referencing
  • Business language fluency

A wealth of Business vocabulary, in addition to the Hospitality terminology I gained from Seneca would be beneficial as MBA is immensely business-oriented.  Also, a foundation in writing academically along with some knowledge of the MMU Harvard referencing style is an asset.