Why did you choose to study at Seneca?

For my diploma, I attended a number of different open house events, including one at Seneca. Ultimately, I chose this institution because I was impressed by the facilities and the breadth of the curriculum for my academic program.

I chose to continue on to a degree program at Seneca because I loved the fact that there was work-integrated learning (formerly co-operative education) as part of the curriculum for the Business Management degree program. I also liked the multiculturalism that Seneca embodies and the location of the numerous campuses is ideal for my day-to-day commute.


How would you describe your experience at Seneca?

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Seneca. My professors were very knowledgeable and the anecdotes that they shared were relevant and reflective of real-world situations. Their industry knowledge really added to lectures and the overall classroom experience. As well, my peers were enthusiastic learners and a pleasure to work with for group-based assignments. I also appreciated the workshops offered by the Learning Centre for accounting and finance courses. The Fitness Centre was very clean and well organized as well.


What influenced your decision to continue your education after completing your diploma?

I was working for two years after completing my Business Administration Marketing diploma. After gaining valuable work experience, I knew that pursuing my degree in Business Management would enable me to take my career to new heights.


How did your Seneca program prepare you for your degree program?

The transition itself was very smooth. During the transition process, whenever I had questions regarding pre-requisites and exemptions, my program co-ordinator was a huge help!


The education I gained through the diploma program provided me with the foundation I needed to excel while pursuing a degree. By the time I started my second program at Seneca, I felt equipped with the appropriate skills and knowledge to navigate the demands of a more challenging credential. I also benefitted from exemptions for some courses I completed in my diploma. This saved me both time and money!


What are you up to now?

I am currently working full-time in my field and at the same company where I completed my mandatory work term. I have been there for over a year now. In fact, some of my colleagues also completed their studies at Seneca.


From experience, what do you think the value of having both a diploma and a degree is?

Having both a diploma and a degree opened a wider range of opportunities for me because my skills and knowledge are diverse and covers the entire structure of the business processes throughout any organization.


Any words of advice to students who are currently in the program you graduated out of at Seneca? And considering transferring to a degree program?

I would tell them to pursue their dreams and to not overthink any decision that will benefit them in the future. Also, they should stay focused and always try to relate the material they are studying to real-life business applications they have either experienced or will experience in their future.


What are your plans for the future?

My short-term goal is to continue doing well at my job while gaining more experience and tangible skills in my field. I am interested in gaining specialization in project management. Long-term, I would like to work as a consultant, offering services to clients who require expertise on the design, planning, and execution of programs. I intend to further my education by joining the Project Management Institute (PMI).