Ramla Anwar Ali

Seneca Program

Master’s Program and Institution

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Global Hospitality Business Development — International Management Institute Switzerland Ltd.

Why did you choose Seneca for your Hospitality – Hotel & Restaurant Services Management diploma?

I chose Seneca because I was looking to join a program that focuses on the practical application more. With so many academic options in North America, it was important for me to choose an institution that understands that our generation learns more by doing, rather than just reading. This program gave me real world exposure, which is what I value.

What made you decide to return to Seneca to complete your Global Hospitality Business Development graduate certificate?

Learning should be an ongoing process, and I wanted to equip myself with all of the tools necessary to be the best at my job. My first experience with Seneca was very successful, and I knew if I ever decided to study further, Seneca would be my first choice. Fortunately, I found a program that gave me the opportunity to learn from the best in two different countries.

Why did you choose IMI in Switzerland to pursue your Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Global Hospitality Business Development after completing your graduate certificate in Global Hospitality Business Development?

From what I’ve researched, Switzerland is the best place to immerse yourself in work-related hospitality. The world class dining and tourism is where I wanted to learn, and I feel blessed I was able to do just that.

How was the pathway process from Seneca to IMI in Switzerland? Was the application process difficult? Did you receive transfer credit?

The application process was seamless, and my Seneca credits were transferred. Ms. Athena and other IMI representatives, from both Toronto and Luzern, were very insightful and always ready to help every step of the way.

How do you enjoy studying aboard?

When I started working in this industry, I was very enthused at how huge the hospitality sector is and how prevalent it is in all parts of the world. I wanted to gain experience and knowledge from a varying perspective and be able to connect the dots in the bigger picture of the hospitality industry. This program allowed me to do just that; and studying abroad was a great experience. When you are in a new environment where your only focus is the program, you enjoy it way more. I would recommend the experience to everyone.

How did Seneca prepare you for further education?

Seneca is one of the top institutions that prepares students to perform to their best ability in the real world. This is the future of education, where practical knowledge is given the importance it deserves.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

During my industry experience, my focus has always been on professional development and growth of my employees. My passion for training and coaching my team members has awarded me a well-rounded skill set. I want to get into education to help high school graduates design their career goals and provide them with proper guidance and resources to meet these goals. In this competitive education market, I will take the next couple of years to get the additional training necessary to polish my teaching skill set. Eventually, I’d love to collaborate with an institution such as Seneca to help advance their educational goals and mission.

Do you see any value in having a diploma and a master’s degree?

I feel like the educational system is ready for a major overhaul at this point in our lives. Even though knowledge has become so much more accessible due to the advent of YouTube and Google, the value of a formal education still has a high value in my opinion. There are many ways out there to acquire sufficient knowledge needed for a successful career. However in the long run, having a diploma, or a degree, a grad cert or an MBA from an esteemed educational facility can grant you increased access to job opportunities, increased earning potential, marketability, increased networking opportunities and most importantly for me — personal growth and improved self-esteem.

Do you have any advice for any students interested in the hospitality field at Seneca?

Picking a field of study to pursue in life can have enormous pressure on you. However, once you’ve made a decision, stick to it and be the best at it. My advice for hospitality students is to dive right in. Get as much practical experience as possible, look into the various fields within the hospitality industry and broaden your search. After getting your diploma, take a few years to work in the industry. The real hands-on experiences you gain during those working years will help you excel with ease in your post graduate studies.