2 Months
Credential Awarded
Seneca College Certificate

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this program will not be offered in fall 2020 or winter 2021.

About the Program

TESL 2 builds on the basic principles and techniques of second language acquisition covered in TESL 1, and provides you with more advanced knowledge regarding practical and theoretical applications, e-learning, grammar and assessment approaches. TESL 1 is a pre-requisite to TESL 2 (refer to the exemptions listed under admission requirements).

You will receive 130 hours of TESL instruction, a minimum of 130 instructional hours, 20 hours of guided online independent study, five hours of guided classroom observation and 10 hours of supervised practice teaching. Successful completion of TESL 2 will entitle you to a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language – TESL 2, and eligibility to apply for TESL Canada Standard 2 Accreditation and TESL Ontario Certified English Language Teacher (OCELT) Accreditation.