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2 Months
Credential Awarded
Seneca College Certificate

About the Program

ELI 321, the advanced module of the TESL Training program will build on the basic principles and techniques of second language acquisition covered in ELI 317. This program will provide you with the knowledge and skills to deliver student-centered, context-appropriate lessons that strategically develop learners’ communicative competence and reflect understanding of language acquisition factors, advanced language skill development, testing and assessment, and technologically enhanced language learning.

You will receive a minimum of 130 hours of intensive classroom instruction, 20 hours of online instruction, five hours of guided observation and 10 hours of supervised practice teaching. Successful completion of TESL 2 will entitle you to a Certificate of Standing in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language and eligibility to apply for TESL Canada Standard 2 accreditation and TESL Ontario Accreditation.