Feb. 27 to March 2
Credential Awarded

4 Day Course Breakdown

This microcredential will be delivered online over four days:

  1. Intro/Welcome/Understanding Media Composer/Understanding Formats
    • Intro/Welcome
    • Understanding Formats & Frame rates - RED, Alexa, HD, SD
    • Important utilities for you to use - MediaInfo
    • Setting Up Project Folder on Shared Storage vs Local Storage
    • Understanding how Media Composer reads its media
    • Avid Media vs Linked Media - What’s the difference?
  2. Project Creation/Selection/Project Hierarchy outside Media Composer
    • Understanding of importance of correct project creation in Media Composer
    • Navigating the Project Selection/Creation Window
    • Creating a new Project
    • Understanding Project Locations
    • Custom Project Sizes
    • Project Presets
    • Opening projects
    • Introduction to the Media Composer interface
  3. Format Pane, Settings & the Command Palette
    • Understanding the Format Pane
    • Project vs User vs Site Setting
    • Media Creation Setting
    • Audio Setting
    • Bin Settings & Bin Views
    • Composer Setting
    • Keyboard Settings & the Command Palette
    • Timeline Settings
    • Saving your Settings
  4. Getting Started
    • Creating Bins
    • Opening Bins from Other Projects
    • Sending bins to other editors
    • Clip resolution vs Project Resolution
    • Understanding, finding and downloading AMA Plug-ins
    • Locating and Opening the Audio Tool
    • Adding the Inspector to your workspace