2, 4 or 6 Weeks
Credential Awarded

Workshops – Part 1 and Part 2

Choose your workshop. Enrol in one or both.  

Investor Relations Part 1 – Essentials of IR

This microcredential addresses the important role and responsibilities of an IR practitioner in a publicly traded company. It covers the corporate report and discusses how legal and government regulations impact the IR function.

Upon successful completion of this microcredential, participants are equipped to provide an IR communications solution — identifying best practices, using correct terminology and selecting appropriate reporting tools for specific situations.

Investor Relations 1 Seneca

Workshop Outcomes

  • identify the important roles and responsibilities of an IR practitioner in a publicly traded company
  • select appropriate communication vehicles by distinguishing between their purposes
  • communicate using terminology appropriate for different contexts and stakeholders in an IR environment
  • provide an IR communications solution when assessing a specific situation to determine the “best practice” or proper course of action 

Investor Relations Part 2 – Developing the IR Toolkit

In this microcredential, participants develop an IR toolkit and demonstrate the role each piece plays to communicate financial and securities law compliance information between a publicly traded company and its stakeholders. It explores how the IR practitioner gathers information, works with executive-level managers and engages with passive investors.

Investor Relations 2 Seneca

Workshop Outcomes

  • communicate financial information and regulatory requirements to a non-financially literate stakeholder
  • utilize interpersonal skills as they relate to working with various stakeholders
  • apply critical thinking to the role and effectively collaborate with senior executives