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Our Current Projects

Development of aTurn-Key Solution Monitoring of Drinking Waters for Genotoxicity (Genetic Toxicity)

EBPI is a world leader in the development and application of bacterial based assays for the detection of toxicity, genotoxicity and mutagenicity ( based out of Burlington Ontario.  EBPI currently sells their products and services globally to academic institutions, government regulators and private industry. The objective of this collaboration with Seneca is to design, build and test a functional prototype of a "turn-key" system to adjust pH prior to sample loading onto SPE filter systems allowing researchers and regulators a turn-key solution for measuring genetic toxicity effects of both drinking waters and waste-waters...more

Eco-Friendly, Automatic Equine Water Trough System 

Lenka Equestrian Centre (LEC) is a premier equestrian facility located in Campbellville, Ontario. LEC offers horseback riding lessons, coaching, boarding, training, and sales. A challenge faced by Lenka and other small-scale horse farms is that during the cold winters the drinking water provided to the horses in their troughs freezes quickly, preventing the animals from drinking.  LEC is working in collaboration with Professor Agnieszka Stopka, part-time faculty at Seneca School of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Technology (SEMET), to develop a working prototype of a standalone horse water trough that is powered by renewable energy and will prevent water from freezing in typical cold winter temperatures...more

Cosmetics redesigned for eyes that will not exacerbate ocular surface disease 

Quenchology Cosmetics Inc. is a Canadian based cosmetics company that redesigns cosmetics with ocular surface health at the forefront. Quenchology sources raw material and manufactures their own products in house. Quenchology is collaborating with Professor Ivana Knezevic and research assistants from Seneca’s School of Biological Science and Applied Chemistry, specifically in the Cosmetics Science Grad Certificate program, to develop a mascara and liquid eyeliner...more

Development of best-practices and outlook in risk-management / compliance frameworks for improving employee relocation outcome

The Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) is Canada’s leading authority on employee relocation. Established in 1982, CERC is a membership organization whose goal is to provide leadership, services and assistance to members enabling them to effectively serve relocated families by addressing issues that impact workforce mobility both domestically and internationally.  CERC is collaborating with Seneca researchers to develop global mobility, risk-control frameworks. The result will be a series of recommendations, best-practices, and information resources which CERC can provide to its members...more

Transition from Angular 1 to Angular 7 platform for an Innovative Enterprise Software

Bitnobi is a privacy protected, data-sharing platform that allows a data provider to set the rules of engagement for end-user data queries. This enterprise software acts as an interface between a data provider and end-users in order to provide a more efficient way of interacting with data sources without giving raw data or making copies.  In collaboration with Seneca’s School of Information Communications Technology, under the supervision of Dr. Mark Shtern, two senior year research assistants will transition, Bitnobi’s current interface is powered by Angular 1 to Angular 7...more

Development and optimization of downstream process for recovery of natural aldehydes from fermentation media

Ardra Inc. is a biotechnology company that manufactures high-purity, non-toxic, natural ingredients, which are suitable for use in natural flavours, perfumery and cosmetics formulations. Ardra's products, produced using fermentation of natural sugars, offer significant cost and sustainability advantages over traditional plant-based extractions. Additionally, since the products do not rely on botanical raw material, their supply is stable and devoid of seasonal variations. One of the challenges with fermentation-based production of natural ingredients is their isolation from the fermentation broth, and following purification to meet industry standards. To solve this challenge, Ardra is collaborating with Professors Jamie Cote and Barkev Keoshkerian, from Seneca’s School of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry (SBSAC)...more

Cardiology laboratory test data-transfer system and clinician-validated viewing platform

Founded in 2000, TeleMED Diagnostic Management Inc. is an Ontario-based medical data management company that designs, builds, and implements customized, electronic solutions for managing and sharing ECG and other vital-sign test data. TeleMED’s solutions utilize cloud technology and feature leading-edge functionality for privacy protection, customized report generation and quality assurance monitoring. TeleMED’s current solution, ViTELflo, for managing cardiology tests, is used by 70 percent of Canadian pathology laboratory networks and decreases clinician time by 15 minutes per test through short loading times, streamlined mark up and analysis, and report generation...more

Alternative reagent formulations enhancing room temperature stability for high sensitivity/specificity immunoassays

ChipCare is a Toronto-based company developing a highly versatile point-of-care (POC) diagnostics platform which will enable an unparalleled sample-to-action workflow in the clinic. The analyzer utilizes a patented approach for analyte detection and can perform multiple key assay formats including cell surface markers, proteins and nucleic acids. ChipCare is collaborating with Dr. Frank Merante and research assistants from Seneca’s School of Biological Science and Applied Chemistry to optimize the performance and extend the shelf-life of key components contained within single-use microfluidic cartridges...more

Immunodiagnostics and Microfluidics Point–of–Care Testing

ChipCare Corporation is currently developing a versatile diagnostic platform, comprising a benchtop device with interchangeable cartridges capable of running molecular diagnostics, immunoassays, and cell quantification assays for testing at the point-of-care. ChipCare is collaborating in this second project with Seneca under the guidance of Dr. Frank Merante and Professor Jim Cooper and research assistants from Seneca’s School of Biological Science and Applied Chemistry...more

Development of Taq Stabilization Excipients and Bst DNA Polymerase

Evik Diagnostics, specializing in providing solution to room stabilized enzyme and reagents, wishes to capitalize and penetrate the progressively growing market demand for isothermal associated and polymerase chain reaction based diagnostic reagents. Evik is collaborating for a third time with Dr. Frank Merante and research assistants from Seneca’s School of Biological Science and Applied Chemistry to continue to develop and expand custom excipient and excipient-blends, enabling the diversification of enzymes and associated reagents that can be provided as ready-to-use, room stable kit friendly products... more

Development of an algorithm for cash flow optimization

Toronto-based Pungle Inc., enables its customers to deliver real-time electronic, business payments. This applied research collaboration with Seneca will develop a cash-flow optimization service for Pungle users. This new service, which will be seamlessly integrated into the Pungle platform, will utilize user-specific transactional data to predict the optimal discounts required to ensure timely invoice payments. By integrating this value-added feature, Pungle will increase customer retention and provide a competitive advantage over other real-time payment businesses...more

Validation of Bioinformatically Guided Supplement Design Paradigm & In vitro Efficacy Testing via a Cultured Keratinocyte Stem Cell Culture 

Mitronite, a Toronto based company, is a health science and sports nutrition supplement supplier. Their business strategy is based on the development of scientifically validated health supplements utilizing an evidence fostered development processes. Mitronite is collaborating with Dr. Frank Merante and research assistants from Seneca’s School of Biological Science and Applied Chemistry to formulate, validate and expand their current product menu of mitochondria targeted athletic support supplements...more

Development of an effective and ecofriendly antimicrobial fabric using herbal nanoparticles

Giftgowns, a Toronto, Ontario based company, manufactures and sells comfortable, stylized hospital gowns for consumers to bring with them to the hospital or give as a gift to friends or loved ones staying in the hospital. Giftgowns is collaborating with Dr. Siyam Subair and Professor Barkev Keoshkerian and research assistants from Seneca's School of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry (BSAC) to develop an antimicrobial fabric treatment using nanotechnology to encapsulate naturally sourced herbal extracts, or more specifically, nanoencapuslated essential oils (EO)...more

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