Frequently Asked Questions

Due to full-time courses offered at Seneca, we are only able to offer courses once a year, usually in February.

No, however, you do require some background knowledge in aviation to understand the course content. We encourage individuals who are undergoing training for a Class IV Flight Instructor Rating to take our course to better prepare them for their upcoming written examination and flight test for the Instructor Rating.

Yes, we can accept 36 participants in each course.

You require a valid Flight Instructor Rating on the first day of the course, a valid Category I Medical and you must have a satisfactory Flight Test Record and are not undergoing Follow-up Action with Transport Canada where they have deemed that a Flight Test is required for your Flight Instructor Rating renewal.

Your “Flight Test Record” is maintained by Transport Canada and/or your Flight Training Unit and consists of the pass rate for all your students that have undergone flight test for which you were the recommending instructor.

You can contact your local Transport Canada Centre and/or your Chief Flight Instructor.

Each course participant will have an opportunity to learn in a minimum of three of our simulators.

Once registered, each course participant will receive a “user name” and “password” to access the course web-site which includes an online learning tool and many other supporting course documents.

You should register sooner than later, due to a maximum capacity of 36 course participants. Please see our online registration form to register.

More than 14 days before the course start date – full refund of tuition fee. 
Between 14 days and 7 days before the course start date – 50% refund of tuition fee. 
Less than 7 days before the course start date – no refund of tuition fee.

Our course is Canada’s longest running Flight Instructor Refresher Course and is presented by Canada’s most experienced instructing staff with a vast array of background knowledge and industry experience. You will gain much more insight into flight instruction by taking our course.

Seneca hosts a luncheon on the day of the simulator training sessions and hangar workshops, and a social event in the evening of the same day.

You receive a “Course Completion Certificate” which can be presented to Transport Canada for a rating renewal pending you meet the requirements outlined in CARs 421.66. In addition, you will receive a Tuition Receipt which can be claimed for a possible tax credit with Canada Revenue Agency.

The instructor rating renewal is not an automatic process following the completion of the course. For each course completion certificate, the course provider will also provide two certified copies to the participant.

  1. The participant has to send one certified copy with the application for renewal and the fee ($30) to the applicable TCCA regional office.
  2. Complete an application form.
  3. Only the part A of the form needs to be filled and signed.

For instructors whose instructor rating will expire soon after the completion of the course, the second certified copy could be kept and be used as proof of temporary privileges for 90 days following the date of the signature.

Application for renewal for a flight instructor rating based on successful completion of a flight instructor refresher course will be accepted where:

  1. A course completion certificate was issued within the preceding 90 days;
  2. The flight instructor rating was valid on the first day of the course; and
  3. The course is for the same category as the instructor rating held.

Note: A valid medical is required in order to be eligible for renewal.

A flight test is the only option if:

  1. The flight instructor rating has expired;
  2. The previous two renewals were through a means other than a flight test; or
  3. The instructor is undergoing follow-up action with respect to their flight test record and the action specifies a need for a flight test (section 421.67 of the Standard).
  4. Renewal will be based on the last day of the course. When the last day of the course is within 90 days prior to the valid to date of the existing rating, the renewed rating is valid to the same date as if the refresher course was completed during the month prior to the valid to date of the existing rating.
  5. Flight instructor rating – aeroplane – aerobatic must be renewed by means of a flight test.