Access to Records

Circle of Care Policy

As a registered client with Counselling and Accessibility Services, students are informed of the departments “Circle of Care Policy” which they will be asked to acknowledge in order to receive comprehensive services available from this department. The “Circle of Care Policy” involves the sharing of applicable information in their file for the purpose of receiving counselling, academic accommodations and academic support services within the Counselling and Accessibility Services department. In order to receive these services, your file may be accessed, in a limited manner, by the following service providers within Counselling and Accessibility Services:

  • Counsellors
    • Personal Counselling Services
    • Accessibility Services
  • Learning Strategists
  • Assistive Technologists
  • Service Advisors
  • Reception/Front Desk staff
    • Data entry
    • Scheduling
  • Senior Manager, Accessibility Services
  • Senior Manager, Counselling Services
  • Director
  • Test Centre
  • First Peoples@Seneca
    • Counsellor
  • Health Centre

College Level — Adjunct Supports

In some situations, however, we may need to be in contact with your health care providers outside of Seneca College in order to establish a Circle of Care and provide you with coordinated services. In such circumstances, and in accordance with Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act, we would request your signed and/or informed consent to share with your additional service provider(s) only such information as is necessary for your assessment or treatment.

However, you may, at any time, expressly request that we not share specific information with a particular care giver. Should you decide not to share specific information with a service provider that your Counselling and Accessibility Services staff deem may be important, we may consult with you, your supports and legal counsel to determine how to best support you.