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Great Foundations

Initiatives for 2014-15 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Continue to build an academic foundation and community capable of developing, delivering and sustaining high-quality, bachelor’s degrees. New full-time faculty hired as per PEQAB requirements by March 2015. Achieved: 36 full-time faculty hired, 18 of whom hold PhDs as per PEQAB requirements.
Continue to build culture of philanthropy to support Seneca students. Student aid endowment strengthened through major gift solicitations, annual campaigns and leveraging existing partnerships, resulting in a minimum $400,000 annual increase. Achieved: Target for annual increase exceeded.
At least $500,000 in new funding secured for expendable gifts for student aid and sponsorships. Achieved: Target for new funding exceeded.
30 new student awards established. Achieved: More than 30 new student awards established.
Minimum of 50 networking and reunion events supported by Advancement and Alumni. Achieved: More than 50 events supported.
Planned giving strategy for staff, alumni and donors introduced by
Fall 2014.
Achieved: Legacy giving program strategy developed and launched through The Donor Motivation Program.
Build leadership capacity within our organization. Support Staff – specific programming for performance management to be developed by Winter 2015. Under Review: Administrative and Support Staff performance management systems and processes are being reviewed and evaluated.
Review College privacy policy to ensure currency. Review completed by Fall 2014. Delayed: Review to be completed in FY2015-16.
Ensure customer service training adheres to AODA accessibility standards. College-wide AODA compliance achieved by March 2015. Achieved: Seneca reached full compliance on all AODA requirements and standards in FY2014-15.
Support development of College’s first Enterprise Risk Management Plan (ERM). Enterprise Risk Management Plan in place by Summer 2014. Rescheduled: Risk management built into the Integrated Planning Process and Strategic Risk Overviews developed. Plan to be presented to Board of Governors in June 2015.
Improve capacity to coordinate, control and deploy IT resources. Deploy Information Technology Services Management (ITSM) Solutions System by March 2015. Achieved: Change Management Process modified to streamline how changes are made to College’s IT systems to provide improved services to business areas.

Service Incident Process enhanced to provide increased support to business areas specifically in relation to new i3-based applications.

Defect Management Process modified to enhance support related to i3-based applications.
Upgrade academic workstations and create more active learning classrooms. 1,200 upgraded workstations and two active learning classrooms created by December 2014. Achieved: 1,200 workstations upgraded or lifecycles extended resulting in savings.
Active Learning Classrooms are in place as a result of partnership between the Centre for Academic Excellence and Steelcase.
Continue integration of planning across departments. Revised integrated planning schedule developed and approved. Begin implementation of FY2015-16 Integrated Planning Process in Summer 2014. Achieved: Integrated Planning Process schedule approved by Senior Executive and new Budget Tool development occurred throughout the summer.
Streamline method by which Facilities Management service requests are processed. College-wide facilities service request system in place by March 2015. Achieved: College-wide facilities service request system implemented in November 2014.
Expand digital marketing strategy, including social media strategy. Second phase of digital marketing strategy launched by Fall 2014. Achieved: Social Media Manager hired and social media strategy deployed. Digital marketing strategy revamped and implemented.
Increase functionality of One Card system for students and employees. Additional student and employee services including secure room access and employee time and attendance tracking to be offered using One Card system by March 2015. Achieved: One Card used for room access where technology permits. Further review determined use of system not feasible for employee attendance tracking.
Develop targeted communication plans for academic programs. Program-specific communication plans developed and implemented beginning in Fall 2014. Achieved: Communication plans for each faculty developed and implementation ongoing.
Develop promotional strategy for use of expert faculty by media. Seneca expert strategy developed by Fall 2014. Achieved: Seneca expert strategy developed.  Media training undertaken by identified experts across college community.
Revamp the Seneca website to create a mobile-first, engaging and informative experience for internal and external audiences. New website launched by Winter 2015. Rescheduled: College’s web governance structure under review with re-design planning to occur FY2015-16.