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Vahid Hosseini

Read about the meaningful connections this business owner made at Career Recharge.

Vahid Hosseini’s Story


Vadim Lidich

“I had an incredible time attending Career Recharge’s InStage Live workshop. It was a great opportunity to hone my skills in real time and receive awesome feedback from the event’s guest experts.”

— Vadim Lidich, Career Recharge participant

Judy Hooper

“Career Recharge’s virtual session on interview skills was one of the best workshops I have been to. It was informative, interactive and engaging, and I left the workshop feeling very motivated.”

— Judy Hooper, Career Recharge participant

Terry DeMaeyer

“Career Recharge is an amazing initiative. The workshop was very interactive, and the energy was positive and productive!”

— Terry DeMaeyer, Career Recharge Participant & Return to Work Specialist at Seneca

Bernadine D'Souza

“I found Seneca’s Career Recharge workshops to be a wonderful use of my time. Whether you are looking to upgrade your skills or learn new ones, the topics are relevant and useful!”

— Bernadine D’Souza, Career Recharge Participant

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