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Michael Maynard, Dean, Faculty of Communication, Art and Design, and Seneca@York Campus Principal
Michael Maynard, Dean, Faculty of Communication, Art and Design, and Seneca@York Campus Principal, checks out the magic green screen in one of the Broadcasting — Television studios to be featured during this weekend's Doors Open Toronto event.

May 22, 2018

You could be hiking the Grand Canyon or bicycling in rural China — right here at Seneca. With the magic that comes with state-of-the-art film and television facilities at Seneca@York Campus, you could be walking on the moon for that matter.

Now, for the first time since it opened in the fall of 1999, the campus is being showcased as part of Doors Open Toronto, taking place Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, May 27.

The Stephen E. Quinlan Building, named after Seneca’s former president, is one of more than 130 buildings selected for the annual event that explores some of the city’s most “architecturally, historically, culturally and socially significant” buildings.

“We are up there with some pretty prestigious venues,” said Michael Maynard, Dean, Faculty of Communication, Art and Design (FCAD), and Seneca@York Campus Principal.

Seneca@York's Stephen E. Quinlan Building
Seneca@York's Stephen E. Quinlan Building was designed by renowned Canadian architect Raymond Moriyama.

This year’s Doors Open Toronto features the theme, Film: The Great Romance, to shine a spotlight on the city’s film and television industry. Venues on the list include Cinesphere, the Design Exchange, OCAD University, the Ryerson Image Centre and the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

At Seneca@York, student ambassadors will guide visitors through tours of FCAD's facilities such as the studios used by Broadcasting — Television students. Sample activities will include exposure to documentary filmmaking, film and television production, radio, animation, visual effects and design.

“It’s a real honour to be part of this event. It speaks to our success in delivering programming in the filmmaking industry,” Maynard said.

Seneca@York features an outdoor courtyard
Seneca@York features an outdoor courtyard in the middle of the Stephen E. Quinlan Building.

Designed by Raymond Moriyama, a renowned Canadian architect, Seneca@York was the first college to be located on a university campus.

“It was quite groundbreaking at the time and it still is,” Maynard said.

As billed by Doors Open Toronto, visitors can expect to be “struck by the architectural features of the building, an openness filled with natural light and wide spaces for movement and exploration.”

Part of that openness is created by windows all around the building, looking into a courtyard in the middle.

“That was my favourite space,” said Teresa Bottaro, a Documentary Filmmaking Institute (DFI) grad. “It was nice to be able to have access to an outdoor space whenever I needed a break, but I also loved the natural light and view the open concept windows provided.”

Mariana Osuna, another DFI grad, has fond memories of the second-floor hallway that is above the Computing Commons and Library and lined by more than 100 flags, representing the countries that Seneca@York students come from.

“I love the fact that if you are standing there you have a great view of the Computing Commons and Library, and if you face the opposite way you have the windows to the courtyard. It has beautiful light and I liked going there to clear my head,” she said.

Michael Maynard overlooking the Computing Commons
Michael Maynard stands in the second-floor hallway, overlooking the Computing Commons. The hallway is lined by more than 100 flags, representing countries where students are from.

In addition to FCAD, Seneca@York is home to the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Technology and the Faculty of Applied Arts and Health Sciences. And Maynard hopes this weekend’s event will raise awareness of the depth and breadth of close to 50 programs offered at Seneca@York.

“We have state-of-the-art facilities and this may not be known to the public or potential applicants,” he said. “With Doors Open, it’s an opportunity for us to inform and inspire visitors to campus, and to continue building a sense of community.”