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Event Marketing 2019 March
Left: Saturday Agency members Selina Testani, Narissa Gopie, Emily Stoneman, Vahid Faal and Henrick Sales and Professor Anthony Kalamut. Right: Red Thread members Laura Guerrero, Jayson Lee, Stanley Tran, Carlos De Castro Veras and Ronaldo Kalantarov posing with Professor Anthony Kalamut.

March 26, 2019

Students from Seneca’s Creative Advertising diploma program won gold and silver at the recent Grip Orange Juicer Competition. This win marks Seneca’s fourth gold in the last six years. Seneca students were split into two teams, Red Thread, who won gold and Saturday Agency, who won silver, competing against 18 teams from postsecondary institutions across the country to create unique advertising plans for RBC.

Members of both Seneca’s winning teams were granted interviews for paid internships for the Juicer Apprenticeship Program.