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Scuba Prep Week

A Scuba prep week is being offered prior to the start of UWS to provide students with an opportunity to hone their skills. 

If students are falling short of the required dives and dive times to start UWS, the prep week dives may be used in lieu of the missing time. This is at the discretion of the Scuba instructor who will assess the candidate's skills during the session. It is NOT a substitute for the Scuba Open Water Certification prerequisite.

This is an excellent opportunity to spend time training in drysuits in controlled conditions. Complete Scuba dive equipment as outlined in the equipment list is required. 

Scuba Prep will have two sessions, the first runs Aug 17-19 and the second Aug 22-24 with limited spaces available. The course code for registration is UWS800 and the cost is $450. Please Contact with any questions.