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Underwater Welding

Course Description

Underwater Welding Certification - UWW 101 KA
(According to CWB & AWS D3.6 Underwater welding standards)


Successful completion of CWB witnessed test will result in class B plate certification.

Certificate is valid for one year.


A minimum one year commercial diving experience with a background in underwater welding is required.  

Proof of a valid Commercial Dive Medical Certificate is also required.

Course Length

One day (course code UWS 513)

Five day (course code UWS 510)

Ten day (course code UWS 511)

Please note that the one week courses will coincide with the second week of the 2 week courses listed below.

Course Dates

  • TBA, May/June 2019

Course Fees

2 week course fees:     $  2700.00

1 week course fees:     $  1600.00

1 day option:                 $    350.00 per day


For more information or to register, please contact:
Mike Borean
416.491.5050 ext. 55023