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Principles and Goals

1. Inspiring cross-disciplinary, networked learning

A Seneca education has never been just about acquiring the skills of a particular career or profession. In virtually every context of work or further study, our graduates need to be able to imagine, explore, synthesize, connect, discover, create, invent and adapt.

Seneca will develop a cross-disciplinary, networked approach to learning that emphasizes diverse learning experiences, both virtual and physical, through a rigorous, flexible and relevant curriculum. This approach to learning, involving technology to allow responsiveness to student needs, will cross the traditional boundaries between disciplines. Cross-disciplinary and networked learning enables faculty and learners to explore clear and relevant links within, across and outside of the curriculum. It supports the use and application of what has been taught and learned in new and different ways. This approach also allows more in-depth exploration of topics, issues and problems in a richer mix of subject areas, disciplines, and programs.

A cross-disciplinary approach to learning will provide opportunities for students and faculty to:

  • create and expand personal and professional learning networks
  • master different ways of working across subjects and disciplines
  • make connections between what is learned in different subjects and disciplines
  • identify the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to investigate a particular issue or problem
  • practise core literacies in context
  • make assessment activities, support and feedback a powerful integrated feature of learning.

Seneca will also continue to expand the opportunities for experiential learning to engage all of our students. Whether it be cooperative education, field placement, internships, externships, international work/study and projects or field trips, experiential learning allows students to ground their acquired knowledge and skills in the real world of work.

Goals related to this principle:

At the end of five years:

  1. Every Seneca student will be provided with an experiential learning opportunity.
  2. Every Seneca graduate will have participated in a cross-disciplinary learning experience.