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Great Student Experiences

Initiatives for 2015-16 Performance indicators/
measurable outcomes
End-of-Year Status Update
Pilot mandatory offering of Experience Seneca at one campus. Mandatory offering of Experience Seneca piloted at one campus by March 2016. Achieved: Experience Seneca launched at all campuses. Experience Seneca has been added to all first semester students’ timetables as of winter 2016. 
Investigate creation of Seneca Newcomers’ Centre to engage newer immigrants and professionally-trained individuals. Report on feasibility of Newcomers’ Centre delivered by March 2016. Achieved: Report completed on feasibility of Virtual Newcomers’ Centre. Newcomers’ Centre will be included within the project to re-engineer FCET web presence. 
Enhance student housing offerings. Renovations and improvements to Newnham and King residences completed by March 2016. Achieved: Phase two residence renovations completed with additional renovations planned as part of five-year strategy in FY2016-17.
Collaborate with the Seneca Student Federation and the Seneca Athletic Association to initiate functional planning for a new Student Life complex at the Newnham Campus. Functional space planning process underway by March 2016. Achieved: Functional space programming work has been contracted to RPG/Dialog. The work will be completed in spring 2016.
Improve service offerings for students to deliver better student experiences. Service Advisory Committee established; new opportunities for performance improvement identified by March 2016. In Progress: Committee has been integrated with Seneca Student Federation’s central committee to directly obtain student feedback and communicate service enhancements with regularity.
Intercampus shuttle bus service capacity increased beginning in summer 2015 term. Achieved: Campus shuttle services expanded in summer 2015. 
Provide information to students and employees via mobile technology. SenecaMobile app enhanced by March 2016. Re-scheduled: Enhanced mobile app to be launched in spring 2016.