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6. i3 – Information, Integration and Innovation

In five years, we will have an integrated enterprise system in place to support streamlined business processes and improved services across student, financial and human resources systems.

Initiatives for 2015-16 Performance indicators/
measurable outcomes
End-of-Year Status Update
Ensure newly launched i3 core modules are optimized and integrated into college operations and processes. All internal departments supported through transition and implementation of i3 core modules by March 2016. Achieved: Support processes, including contracts and governance, have been established by ITS in collaboration with internal departments.
Registrarial services re-engineered to feature i3 module integration by March 2016. Achieved: i3 module integration completed with additional enhancements and modifications planned.
i3-based Budget Tool optimized to provide additional analytics by March 2016. Achieved: Budget Tool enhanced to display project information, purchase orders, and compensation data. Further enhancements and user optimization planned for FY2016-17.
New business processes implemented to support rollout of new i3-based Customer Relationship Management tool by March 2016. Achieved: Business processes developed and rollout on schedule. Further improvements will be implemented in FY2016-17.