Seneca SAFE

Seneca SAFE App

As a part of the commitment to campus safety, we use Seneca SAFE as the official campus safety app on mobile devices and classrooms podiums. It immediately connects users to Security and Emergency Services during situations that require assistance.

On the go

Download the Seneca SAFE app to have instant access to campus safety resources including emergency contacts, response plans, counselling and medical resources.

Seneca SAFE allows you to use your mobile device as a Mobile BlueLight to connect with security personnel when you feel threatened or unsafe. When you activate the Mobile BlueLight, Campus Security will be alerted of your location and you will be connected to an on-duty officer. If you are unable to speak due to the nature of the emergency, Campus Security will respond to the location of the alarm.

On campus

BlueLight emergency stations allow students and employees to request assistance during an emergency. The BlueLight emergency stations are installed across campus.

In the classroom

Seneca SAFE can also be accessed on classroom PC-based podiums to alert Campus Security of an emergency. To request assistance, click the desktop and tray icon three times. You will receive a notification that the alarm has been activated.