Seneca Lab School


The Seneca ECE Lab School offers high-quality teaching based on decades of childcare experience. As part of Seneca’s School of Early Childhood Education, we support the ECE program, the students completing their placement practicums and other educational-related initiatives.

We are committed to professional learning, reflective practice and building a community where children are free to explore their interests and holistic development in relation to others.

Inspired by the philosophical approaches of Loris Malaguzzi and the guiding principles of Reggio Emilia, we advocate for, and are inspired by, connecting children to the benefits of nature. We work to create an environment that honours children as capable, confident learners and active citizens of our community — they lead their own learning with educators, their peers and community members as co-learners.

Our school offers the facilities and materials to spark children’s creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We provide an environment that acts as the third teacher and enables children to become researchers and builders of theories.

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Please see our Family Orientation Book (DOCX) for more information.