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5. Smart Growth

In five years, our students will be learning in new facilities at our King campus and in our new home for our Bachelor of Aviation Technology program.

Initiatives for 2013-14 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Support Aviation Program relocation to Peterborough Airport. New School of Aviation facility opened for classes as of January 2014. Achieved: New facility opened for classes on January 6, 2014.
Partnership MOU signed with Fleming and first phase implemented supporting both academic programming and student services. Achieved: A partnership MOU was signed with Fleming. First phase of work implemented under the guidance of a joint Seneca-Fleming cross-functional Steering Committee.
Student services program delivery model finalized; resources in place by Winter 2014. Achieved: New service model developed with Seneca and Fleming; successfully launched January 6, 2014 with the start of Winter 2014 classes.
New curriculum delivery model developed. Achieved: In January 2014, the active learning classroom was utilized to deliver program review and hybrid learning information to faculty. Fleming faculty confirmed for the delivery of Liberal Studies options and some core courses. Academic and flight line schedules completed.
Faculty and support staff successfully transitioned to either Peterborough or Newnham campus to support program delivery. Achieved: All support staff confirmed relocation plans to Peterborough. Teaching arrangements confirmed for most faculty; Winter 2014 teaching schedules completed and implemented.
Move King campus expansion project forward on scheduled timelines. Research, marketing and relationship-building activities to be undertaken as part of preparations for launch of fundraising campaign. Achieved: Research on potential King donors conducted; academic priorities developed and communicated; and planning for silent phase of campaign has begun.
Soft costs analysis completed by September 2013. Achieved: Completed in September 2013.
Agreements with Seneca Student Federation and Student Athletic Association finalized by June 2013. Delayed: Agreements delayed due to uncertainty regarding project delivery methodology.

New target completion date of Fall 2014.
Local economic impact study completed by Fall 2013. Achieved: Completed in March 2014.
Site servicing work underway and design process commenced by Spring 2014. Achieved: Completed all preliminary engineering and approvals work with respect to onsite services option. Documentation turned over to Infrastructure Ontario to be used in Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP) as well as design-build-finance methodology.